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Calgaz USA Standard calibration gas distributor for Vietnam

Calgaz USA Standard GasEr Distributor

TES Industry, Calgaz USA standard gaser distributor

Calgaz Standard GasEr Distributor from 2010, to 2015 TES Industry became the official distributor of Calgaz USA standard gas cans authorized by the company in Vietnam market

What is a standard air balloon?

Standard gas bottles (also known as calibration gas bottles / laboratory gas bottles or standard gas bottles) are special industrial gas products used for calibration of gas detectors or fixed gas test head calibration. As recommended by manufacturers, gas detectors should be calibration at least once every 6 months and should be bump tested before each day of use.

TES Industry supplies Calgaz gas cans from 1AL; 2AL; 7HP; 6DM; 8AL; 6D; 10AL; 5ELR; 65ALR (11L to 850L) and attached exhaust valves. We have common gases such as: H2S; CO; CO2; O2; CH4; N2; I-C4H8…

Common Calgaz standard gas cane size

  • Calgaz 2AL tank size,34 liters of gas: CO, C5H12, CH4, Cl2, I-C4H8, H2S, I-C4H10, O2
  • Calgaz 8AL tank size,58 liters of gas: CO, HCL, HCN, C5H12, CH4, Cl2, CO2, I-C4H8, H2S, NH3, O2
  • Calgaz 10AL tank size,116 liters of gas: CO, C5H12, H2S, O2
  • Calgaz 7HP tank size,34 liters of gas: Nitrogen, CH4, I-C4H8, I-C4H10, O2
  • Calgaz 6D tank size,103 liters of gas: CO, Nitrogen, CH4, I-C4H8, H2, O2
Calgaz Standard Gas

About Calgaz USA

Calgaz Gas Standard shipping ~40,000 bottles of standard gas worldwide monthly from its production facilities in the United States and U.K. Calgaz’s global network allows them to deliver in the right place, just in time for customers to need it.

Calgaz is committed to continuous innovation and research. Calgaz’s R&D center regularly partners with customers to provide customized mixes and solutions – all made with the highest level of safety and quality control.

Use purpose and how to choice right cylinder which your need

Calgaz gas tanks (or Calgaz gas bottles) contain standard concentration gases, used to calibration of gas measuring devices such as handheld gas detectors, fixed gas detectors, emission meter, gas monitoring stations or industrial systems.

Calgaz gas tanks come in a variety of 1AL; 2AL; 7HP; 6DM; 8AL; 6D; 10AL; 5ELR; 65ALR tanks, containing between 11 and 850L of standard gas. To choose the gas cane, it is based on the following criteria: The concentration of each gas, the required gas capacity, the reaction gas or the non-res res reaction gas, corrosive or not, then they will choose the appropriate ones in terms of type, capacity and pressure.

Popular gas cylinder in Market

Standard gas bottles are used to calibration of gas measuring devices such as:

  • Handheld gas detector calibration: Single gas machine, multi-gas machine, TVOC meter, engine/chimney exhaust meter.
  • Fixed mounted gas probe calibration: Explosive gas probe, toxic gas probe …
  • Calibration of automatic gas monitoring stations, industrial lines

Common standard gases: CO HCL HCN Nitrogen C5H12 (Pentan) CH4 (Methane) Cl2 CO2 I-C4H8 H2 H2S I-C4H10 NH3 O2 NO NO2 NOx …

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  • Address: No. 02-LK34, Van Canh new Urban, Van Canh Commune, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi City 100 000, Vietnam
  • Hotline (Call / Zalo): 0983 113 188 Tel: 024 6675 4433
  • Email: tes(13586)tesindustry.vn | replaced (13586) with @

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