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Gas bottle for calibration toxic gas detector

General introduction

  • Today, handheld toxic gas detectors have been widely used in many industries to monitor the leakage of toxic gases into the environment.
  • Basic applications such as measuring flammable gas concentrations, measuring Oxygen concentrations, measuring concentrations of toxic gases in gas pits in sewage drains. Monitor the crossing of toxic and flammable gases in buildings. Especially measuring toxic gas concentrations on ships, monitoring the concentration of flammable gases on tankers….
  • It is of great importance for handheld toxic gas detectors that they need to be periodically calibration to ensure the accuracy of the sensors as well as the whole machine.
  • Depending on the level of use, the environment of concentrated or not concentrated toxic gas concentrations, daily or weekly use of machines … high or medium accuracy that each customer will have a specific schedule for the time required to re-calibration of the toxic gas detector equipment.
  • For handheld toxic gas detector calibration, it is necessary to equip a suitable sample calibration gas bottle, with known standard gas concentrations. Accompanied by a pressure reducing valve for sample gas bottles suitable for sample gas bottles.
  • Currently, Tesin is offering a configuration that includes a calibration sample gas bottle with standard gases including: CO, H2S, %LEL, Oxygen and a Pressure Reducing Valve for sample gas bottles.

Technical Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Calgaz – US
  • Model: 2AL
  • Capacity: 34L (pneumatic)
  • Uses: Standard gas mixture for calibration of toxic gas detectors
  • Pressure: 500psig/ 34.5bar
  • Dimensions: 282 mm x 74 mm
  • Color: Natural Aluminum
  • Standard gas concentration: 100 ppm CO, 25 ppm H2S, 18% O2, 2.5% CH4, N2 Balance
  • Equipment included: Valve for gas bottle model 715 – Calgaz

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