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Standard calibration gas cylinder for NH3 Ammonia gas detector

General introduction of Ammonia gas and NH3 gas detector

Ammonia, also known as azane, is a compound of Nitrogen and Hydrogen with the formula NH3. The simplest nitrogen group hydride, Ammonia is colorless gas with a special pungent odor. Ammonia is also a direct or indirect component for the synthesis of many foods and fertilizers, and is also used in many types of cleaning products.

Although common in nature and in widespread use, Ammonia is corrosive and toxic if in a concentrated form. It is classified as highly toxic in the United States as defined in Section 302 of the U.S. Law on Emergency Planning and the Community Rights Act (42 USC 11002) and is subject to strict reporting requirements of manufacturing facilities, or its use in significant quantities.

NH3 boils at a temperature of -33.34 ° C (-28,012 ° F) at atmospheric pressure, therefore the liquid must be preserved under pressure or at low temperatures.

According to OSHA, NH3 has a TWA limit of 35 ppm and STEL of 25 ppm. NIOSH also recently reduced IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) from 500 ppm to 300 ppm.

To be able to measure the concentration of Ammonia in the environment, the current optimal measure is to use NH3 gas detectors, be it handheld NH3 gas detectors or fixed NH3 gas monitoring fixed systems. And in order for these NH3 gas detectors to work accurately and stably, as recommended by manufacturers, periodically about 6 months of use we should re-calibration the NH3 gas measurement sensors so that the machine can give the most accurate parameters.

General introduction of NH3 meter calibration gas bottles

Calgaz is a global manufacturer of calibration gases, producing a variety of calibration gases for the calibration of handheld gas detectors as well as fixed gas measuring systems. With NH3 gas detectors is no exception, depending on the needs of customers who have any type of gas detector, what is the span point that the company gives NH3 standard gas canicts with appropriate concentrations. Currently Tesin has NH3 gas bottles with a capacity of 58 L of compressed air, a concentration of 50 ppm NH3 to serve the calibration of NH3 gas detectors.

NH3 Standard Gas Bottle Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Calgaz
  • Model: 8AL
  • Gas Type: NH3 /N2 Balance
  • Capacity: 58L
  • Pressure: 500 psig/ 34.5 bar
  • Concentration: 50 ppm NH3
  • Dimensions: 362 mm x 89 mm
  • Weight: 0.73 kg
  • Bottle Shell Color: Grey
  • Machine type: Multi-target gas detectors or single-target gas detectors with integrated NH3 gas sensor, typically gas gauges with GasAlert Micro 5, GasAlert Extreme NH3 single-gas detector, ToxiPro NH3 single gas detector….
  • Valve type: 715, DFR2000…
  • Warehouse status: Available

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