Bể ổn nhiệt khô TB-650

Dry bath 650oC, calibration of all kinds of temperature sensors TB- 650

Temperature calibration tanks are used to calibration of precision temperature sensors such as RTD’s, (LIG) Liquid in Glass Thermometer, Thermocouples & PRTs, SPRTs. Calibration tanks use electronic controllers with high accuracy and stability for a variety of measuring ranges.

TB-650 Thermal Tank Specifications

  • PID controller, heat control from ambient temperature to 650°C.
  • Power Supply: 230VAC 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 1000W
  • Accuracy: +/-0.5oC

Tb-650 Thermal Stabilizeer Tank Size

  • Tank width: 30.5mm
  • Tank depth: 120mm
  • Accompanied by a resizing thermal cup accessory to fit a variety of sensors such as:

1) ID 10 mm, 6.6mm, 5.1mm & 3.1 mm ID (4 Holes)
2) ID 8.5 mm, 6.6 mm, 6.6 mm / 5.1 mm ID (4 Holes)
3) ID 13.5 mm & 6.6 mm ID Holes (2 Holes)

  • Overall equipment size: 150 X 300 X 280 mm
  • Overall Weight: 8.5Kgs

With thermal cups help ensure the temperature is well transmitted between the heat block to the best possible sensors. It is recommended to correctly use thermal cups for the best effect.

Refer to high precision liquid heat stabilization tank Model: TB-250, Ambient – 250oC

Actual image of heat furnace calibration temperature TB-650

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