Portable Temperature Calibration bath, Oil Tank Type, TB-250, Ambient – 250°C

Portable temperature calibration bath, oil tanks, TB-250, Ambient – 250oC are used to calibration of precision heat measuring devices such as RTD’s, (LIG) Liquid in Glass Thermometer, Thermocouples & PRTs, SPRTs.

Temperature calibration tanks are electronic control types with high accuracy and stability. This type of tank is suitable for a wide range of thermal meters and measuring equipment.


Tb-250 temperature calibration tank consists of 2 stirring integrated blocks. The top is 150x150mm and 280mm deep. The blocks are connected to each other and equipped with handbags.

The left block is a heater block with an internal dimensions of 70mm x 140mm in depth, which can be suitable for a wide variety of sensors. This block has a heater and heat measurement unit mounted on the bottom.

The right block consists of:

  1. PID controllers can set the temperature and measure the temperature in real time
  2. Power supply and switch

Technical parameters:

  • PID (PID- Proportional Integral Derivative) heat controller operates from above room temperature 2oC
  • Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz.
  • Power consumption: 1000 W
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5% | 0.25+/- | 0.1%
  • Oils: Silicone oils or higher heat-resistant oils


Full Weight: 8.5Kgs

  1. When plugged in, the device displays ambient temperature. The PID controller will then control heating or cooling since the power switch is turned on.
  2. Stability: 0.1oC
  3. Accuracy: +/-0.1%
  4. Heating time up to 250oC: 20~30 minutes
  5. Cooling time to ambient temperature: 20~30 minutes

Actual images:

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