Table comparing performance of Fishing lamps

The selection of ink fishing bulb capacity, so that ink has always been a reference to each other holding ship owners and has not been based on specific scientific evidence, leading each group of ship owners to use a different type of capacity.

Choosing the actual type of ball greatly affects the fishing productivity of squid fishing boats, squid photography or ocean tuna fishing. In addition, the initial investment costs, installation workers as well as ball life are also greatly affected.

Aware of this, Manufacturers of Korean and Japanese squid fishing bulbs have researched, tested and applied practically, and consulted information from fishermen everywhere to give recommendations, compare as follows.

Ink fishing bulbs, Korean ink lure
Korean Fishing bulbs (lamp)

A – Comparison based on specifications:

Comparison criteria kind ball 1000W kind 1500W ball
Brightness / Shadow 110,000 180,000
Efficiency of use 110Lm/W 120Lm/W
Number of mounting balls 300 balls 200 balls
Total brightness 33,000,000 36,000,000
Ball life 1000~2000 hours More than 3000 hours
Power System (Sysmmm) 90% (Much wasted heat) 95%
Electricity consumption 330000 KW 315000 KW

Based on the table above can show the advantage of 1.5KW ball as follows:

  • High efficiency
  • Total brightness 10% higher
  • Band lifespan (double)
  • Low power consumption.

There are also indirect benefits:

  • Save the number of wires
  • Saving installation workers
  • Save space on the sysmrif
  • Save space for mounting balls
  • Reduce the cost of both equipment and workers

B – Comparison based on actual results:

Below is a 1KW and 1.5KW glossy brightness distribution chart (nose view)

1KW and 1.5KW ink lamp brightness comparison chart

Chart explanation:

  • With 9KW, 1KW ink fishing ball needs to be installed 9 1m/ball. However, with 1.5KW ball only need to install 6, distance 1.5m / one.
  • Seeable chart view, bright performance of 1.5KW shadow many times higher than type 1KW

Below is a 1KW and 1.5KW (hull horizontal view) distribution chart

1KW and 1.5K ball comparison table for squid fishing boats, ink photography

CONCLUSION: With the same capacity consumed, the investment amount is less, but the performance reaches more than 2 times.


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