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Safety instructions when using squid fishing lamp for squid fishing vessels

High power ink fishing lamps over 1000W or 1500W halide metal lamp type are gradually widely applied in the market, upper gold – lower bran, China – Korea all have enough. The purpose of using squid fishing balls is to lure and attract squid into fishing areas or shooting nets, – sometimes to catch squid but also sometimes only to let ocean tuna bait in to catch.

This ink bulb is made of glass, depending on the quality and has different bright performance, heat, durability, stability, but must all follow safety instructions when using. In addition to the construction and installation, during the exploitation process, fishermen – crew members need to pay attention to the following issues:

A – With light bulbs:

Ink fishing light bulbs installed on board
Fishing light bulbs installed on board
Ink fishing light bulbs on Korean ships
Ink fishing light bulbs on Korean ships
  • Do not turn on the ink fishing ball when the appearance of the ball is cracked, broken. Turning on the ball can give birth to ultraviolet rays that damage the eyes, skin or injury caused by broken glass fragments falling.
  • Always be sure to put the bulb in the right direction
  • Always be sure to turn off the ink balloon before installation, dismantling, replacement, or cleaning. Reckless can cause electric shock.
  • Do not touch the squid fishing tip, which can be dangerously electrocuted.
  • Always be sure to use the ball with the right set of sys.’ Wrong sysmation can overheat or smoke. It is also the cause of rupture of the ball or a decrease in life expectancy.
  • The glossy exterior will be hot when lit, and will continue to heat up for a while after the power is turned off. Therefore, do not touch the ball due to the risk of burns.
  • If the shadow is not bright, turn off the power and change the shadow. The cause may be overheating or fuming.
  • Without shaking or hitting the ball, this can reduce longevity or even damage the ball.
  • Do not look directly at the ball with the naked eye and do not stand too close to the ball for long periods of time.
  • Underwater squid balls are used only underwater, turning on the ball only when the ball is already underwater. Before lifting, leave the ball under water for at least 5 minutes to cool the shade.

B – With ink fishing lamp or equivalent equipment.

Dedicated chanshocks for HID ink fishing lamps
Dedicated chanshocks for HID ink fishing lamps
Electric stabilizeer for ink fishing lights - 1 set for 2 bulbs
Electric stabilizeer for ink fishing lights – 1 set for 2 bulbs
  • Installation of sysys in the room and isolation from contact with water
  • Make sure that the sysmity is connected to the
  • Make sure each sysys are installed at least 10cm apart
  • Do not power if the light bulb is not connected
  • The power supply voltage should be between +/- 6% of the request
  • The area for sysmity should always be cooled below 45oC
  • Make sure to always turn it off after checking
  • In the trauma box is high voltage. Always be aware of electrical hazards.


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