Part. 4 – Zero GasAlertMicroClip XL Gas detector


When does a Zero gas detector be needed?

  • During use, users can measure areas with very high gas concentrations, exceeding the measurement capacity of the machine. Then the sensor can be poisoned (chemical shock). Or users check the machine with inappropriate gases such as lighters, gas stoves, smoke to test gas detectors, sensors can also be poisoned.
  • We can use, the gas detector measures 5%VOL CH4 (equivalent to 100%LEL), but when testing the machine with a gas stove or lighter, you put in the machine 100%VOL of explosive gas, that is, it is about 20 times the measurement capacity of the machine. This will lead to poisoning, some severely unable to recover the sensor or the sensor is permanently weakened. After the machine is poisoned, it is best to leave it a few days later for the sensor to stabilize and then Zero.
full. 4 – Zero GasAlertMicroClip XL Gas Meter

Perform zero gas detector work:

  • We make zero air gauges in clean air, i.e. air without explosive or toxic gases, oxygen concentration is 20.9%.

Steps to follow:

  • Open the machine to let the machine operate normally
  • Press and hold the power button until the machine is completely turned off, do not release your hand, but press the next button until accessing the calibration section.
  • Leave the machine automatically Zero for about 10s.
  • The machine requires Apply Gas to press the power button to ignore (Because there is no standard cylinder, IF THERE IS A STANDARD CYLINDER, CALIBRATION IS BEST)

So we have done zero gas detector AlertMicroClip XL

Conducted by TES Industry

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