ISC #8: Installed a Fixed gas detection system or equipped with a Personal gas detector?

Are you instructed on the selection of a personal-use handheld gas detector or a fixed gas alarm system? Kind of like; using a personal handheld gas detector is sufficient or must be equipped with a fixed gas metering system (in case of ventilation road monitoring).

It is an exact question, however, we will not have the absolutely correct answer here.

In our view, personal gas detectors will never be ignored even if they are equipped with a fixed gas alarm system for that area. Personal handheld gas detectors and fixed gas alarm systems are used for various task characteristics. In general, fixed gas alarm systems are located in the main area to protect the device, to protect against gas leakage disasters or to early warning of gas leakage possibilities to protect the system. Personal handheld gas detectors are designed to protect people working in those spaces. Handheld gas detectors or fixed gas indicators are all point detection types, which only detect gases when that gas is in direct contact with the sensor in the machine. The user can carry a gas detection machine, which means that it will move with the person it protects.

Always use a handheld gas detector for individuals even when there is a fixed system
Always use a handheld gas detector for individuals even when there is a fixed system

Another problem with fixed gas alarm systems is; in general, there is no daily maintenance to this system. In the long run the system may not work without notice. Unfortunately, there is no way to check the fixed gas alarm system before putting workers to work in that space (if you want to check, you have to go in there). So, now it doesn’t matter if you’re aware of your device and can check it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that a fixed gas metering system doesn’t have a safe effect. Fixed gas measuring systems are often required to protect equipment, factories by insurance companies. However, in addition to protecting equipment, we need to protect the life people work in those factories. A fixed gas measurement system can warn of danger early before workers enter that space. But in case I have to bet my life on a gas detector, I always choose a handheld gas detector in any case.

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