ISC #9: IP protection level for gas detector; Why is it important?

When a few watertight phones were born, they were equipped with very high levels of IP protection. Wider are electrical devices equipped with dust, waterproof and always work well in all environmental conditions. Recently with iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 phone advertisements both equipped with IP68, so what does it mean? And here, we talk about the gas detector, what is the level of protection it is?

There are 2 parameters that need to be evaluated when inguping the IP protection level of the gas detector – that is, the IP parameters and how the manufacturer checks it. In terms of IP, the following table will clearly describe this protection level meaning.

IP XY X Specifications (Protection in front of solid objects) Specification Y (Protection before liquid)
0 Uns guarded Uns guarded
1 Solid objects larger than 50mm Drip water at the wallet normal working mind
2 Solids larger than 12.5mm Tilt drip water 15o
3 Solids larger than 2.5mm Spray
4 Solids larger than 1.0mm Splash spray
5 Dustproof blow
6 Dustt High pressure water spray
7 Soak 1m for 30 minutes
8 Deep immersion and time long in water
9K Good protection when spraying hot water

This means that if the device meets IP67 standards, the dust does not affect the operation of the machine and can be soaked at a depth of 1m within half an hour. For some equipment, it is necessary to ensure that it can work normally, but others should be able to withstand a fire hose or some other water sudden spraying area at high pressure.

Is the IP68 gas detector immersed in water?
Is the IP68 gas detector immersed in water?

About IP68 protection level testing:

While the IP67 protection level is clear, soaking 1 meter for 30 minutes, the IP68 protection level is not specified and is an open door for manufacturers. Back to the mobile problem: For example, Product A tests IP68 by soaking 30 minutes under a depth of 1.5m, while Product B checks at a depth of 1 meter in a period of 30 minutes. At that time, it seems that we feel that Product A has better water resistance, but in fact it is not clear because we do not know how the manufacturers have checked for watertightness.

Returning to the gas detector, whether it is a multi-norm air meter or a single-norm air meter, we believe that the machine meets the standards to withstand the strict environmental conditions seen daily. We believe in the IP rating of the gas detection machine that is strictly tested and meets all required parameters.

While manufacturers only test enough to declare the protection level of the machine, we ensure that the entire ISC Ventis Pro machine is under constant warranty and we reiterate that the machine has undergon our most thorough tests. We want statistical confidence that we have a minimum error rate so that we will not have to replace the warranty afterwards.

As a result of which we tested the dust resistance of dozens of Ventis Pro4 and Ventis Pro5 devices during development, some machines are soaked a few hours less than 1 meter and then open the test machine; Each machine is first checked with the eye and then used a special cloth (which can be a purple curl cloth) to check the water stains inside the machine that are not visible to the naked eye. If any water is detected, even a small amount, the machine is considered to have failed the test. We have improved the technique until we can say with absolute confidence that the equipment out of our production line will survive the water. And after we are confident with our own testing, the IP rating of the gas detector has been certified by an recognized third party. We will continue to periodically inspect the equipment to ensure that our high quality standards will never be impaired.

Exceeded expectations

Each specification document for Ventis Pro lists that the device is IP68, but it is worth noting that this device also passes our tests for IP66. So whether you drop your tool into a puddle or get caught in the rain, Ventis Pro will still be there to protect you in the moment you need it most.

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