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Crowcon Gasmaster vs Xgard Connection Guide

Crowcon Gasmaster Connection Techniques with Xgard

Crowcon Gasmaster is a gas detection monitoring controller at the control center. Monitor fixed-type toxic gas detectors, connected to Crowcon’s new toxic gas, flammable gas and oxygen probes.With powerful features, the module design helps users just need to equip the necessary number of input modules. Gasmaster central toxic gas monitoring equipment can be easily expanded by the addition of multiple modules of sensors, gas detectors suitable.

Gasmaster vs Xgard Connection Guide [EN: Connection Gasmaster vs Xgard]

Crowcon Xgard is a probe that detects explosive gases, toxic gases and oxygen gases. The Xgard probe consists of various measuring ranges . As a fixed gas probe selection in accordance with the variety of requirements for gas detection worldwide. Wide application in the wastewater treatment industry, equipment used for research and production. Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) explosion prevention models can be optional . Or flameproof (Exd) fire protection, block metal sheath, stainless steel or chemical resistance… . The device meets the strict requirements of IECEx, ATEX, UL, GOST-R and MED.

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