Honeywell launches BW Clip4 disposable gas detector

According to Honeywell BW Clip 4 is the ideal device for use in the fields of:

  • Oil and gas industry,
  • Sewage
  • Heavy industry

In tight spaces and in many applications different… BW Clip4 gas detector significantly reduces the maintenance costs of the handheld gas by eliminating repairs as well as sensor requirements and backup components. Because the device is always in an active state . BW Clip4 help improve compliance with safety regulations by ensuring workers be safe when using the device. “BW Clip4 works on a cycle that “turns on up and with peace of mind.” You only need to turn on the machine once and after 2 years of operation, the machine will notice you need to change”. Mr. Ken Schmidt, Vice President and CEO of Honeywell’s Industrial Safety Solutions division said. According to Mr. Ken Schmidt.

  • This machine offers a perfect combination of unprecedented new benefits of gas detectors
  • Works continuously for two years without charging or replace the battery,
  • Compact and easy to use
  • The function of detecting a variety of gases,

Safety compliance is enhanced. Use of technology non-scattering infrared. Previously only available on fixed gas detectors from the Department Honeywell’s Analytical Solutions. BW Clip4 has a lower battery consumption up to 1,000 times more than the touch sensor. Traditional technology is used to detect flammable gases in a handheld device.

Other features comprise:

  • At the same time monitor H2S, CO, O2 and flammable gases (LEL);
  • Real-time display of instant gas measurements including in non-warning conditions along with information on current gas density and changes in atmospheric conditions;
  • Simplify device management by automatically creating a regulatory compliance record and report (through honeywell Intellidox device management system);
  • The internal check function prompts the user when the machine needs to be replaced.

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