History of GfG Instrumentation

GfG Gas detector is manufactured by GfG Instrumentation, Inc. which is a subsidiary of GfG. GfG is an international supplier of gas measuring and detection systems. GfG gas detector has been operating for more than 50 years in its field and steadfastly produces the safest and most reliable equipment. GfG specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing measuring and safety solutions. The company’s products range from lightweight personal safety equipment to industrial equipment using the most advanced technologies. GfG products are suitable for a variety of applications and flexible for most cases. GfG has many factories and suppliers worldwide, and the GfG Gas Meter is still developing sustainably and steadily.

History of GfG: Founded in 1961, GfG has begun operations in testing methane gas used in pits. The company’s Methane K95 gas tester is the first electronic gas measuring device to be used in the industry. In 1964, the company produced more gas detector models for the mining pit industry. Two years later, these gas measuring devices were supplied to all over the world. In 1978, the South American market expanded opportunities for GfG. From here, the company began to find opportunities to grow up around the world. The company began to develop new equipment and adapt the existing equipment to suit the special requirements of the market. In 2001, the American branch was renamed GfG Instrumentation, Inc. Today, GfG has a flexible network of services of the market and offers a variety of solutions designed to suit each region.

Industry and Applications: Different markets around the globe have a variety of regulations and requirements for safety standards. The company works to target the specific requirements of each of these markets. In general, the company’s products are suitable for a variety of requirements of different applications and industries. The company’s gas monitoring system monitors a variety of types from explosions, toxic gases, oxygen and their equipment found in a variety of industries including automated equipment, chemicals, steel, public utilities, hospitals, landfills, pits, emergency services , food production, energy, ships, agriculture and research. Basically, GfG Gas Meters are found on areas with potentially hazardous environments.

Major Product Offerings: Worldwide, GfG’s companies offer a variety of safety options. Some of their main equipment provided include

  • GfG Fixed Gas detector
  • GfG Fixed Gas detector Controller
  • GfG Gas detector Alignment Equipment
  • GfG Single Gas detector
  • GfG Gas Leak Detection Equipment
  • GfG Breathing Monitor
  • GfG Multi-Target Gas detector

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