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About Biosystems & Sperian gas detector

Biosystems & Sperian Gas detector belongs to Biosystems and Sperian Protection Instrumentation LLC

Gas detector company Biosystems has developed through a series of merger acquisitions to become a giant in the field of gas detection today. Originally, Biosystems formed from Sperian Protection Instrumenation, LLC. The gas detector company Sperian Instrumentation was later acquired by Honeywell Analytics Americas in 2010. Sperian began as part of Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions Life Safety. Together, companies offer many of the best gas detection measuring devices worldwide. From their merger, each company has operated tirelessly in its field that closely combines modern technology with innovation design. Today, Honeywell Analytics’ Biosystem product line represents the best real-life experiences of the past decade.

Sperian Protection Instrumentation LLC

  • Sperian Instrumentation has been known to be good for their first design reviews and production capabilities. The company continues to have large recognized brands with a good reputation for highly reliable products. Biosystems and Sperian Instrumentation products can be found all over the world in hazardous areas. Its products have provided quality safety solutions to customers based on loyalty and professionalism. From handheld gas monitoring devices to fixed gas monitoring systems, companies are capable of meeting any industrial environmental monitoring requirements.

Honeywell Analytics Americas and Honeywell Life Safety

  • Honeywell Analytics Americas underwent a series of developments and acquisitions before becoming Honeywell Analytics. The company began designing and manufacturing gas detection equipment for the marine industry as J&S Seiger Ltd. The company was acquired by Zellweger Luwa Group and changed its name to Zellweger Analytics in 1979. In 2005, Honeywell acquired the company and renamed it Honeywell Analytic. Today, Honeywell is a multinational company with over 500 specialized companies to provide most of the world’s reliable and efficient gas detection solutions. Biosystems by Honeywell Analytics is supported by years of experience and incredible brand recognition.


  • Biosystems and Honeywell Analytics offers a variety of versatile devices designed to fit industrial gas detection requirements. Their products include many special features designed to enhance the capabilities and experience of use. They also produce a variety of accessories, replacement components and sensors. Some of their products include:
    • Gas detector Biosystems PHD 6 series
    • Biosystems ToxiPro Gas detector
    • MultiPro Gas detector

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