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About ISC Gas gas detector – Industrial Scientific Corporation

ISC gas detectors are manufactured by Industrial Scientific Corporation, or ISC, developing, manufacturing, and providing handheld and fixed gas detection equipment services.

The main market includes utilities, chemical production, oil and gas, cast iron and steel, paper industry, fire, construction, military, insurance companies, food and beverage, general industry. The ISC operates worldwide, as well as directly or indirectly through distributors.

The ISC is based in Pittsburgh on the outskirts of Oakdale in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh’s operations do not produce, develop, and service ISC products in the U.S. Industrial Science has its main activities in Shanghai, China; Arras, France; and Dortmund, Germany The company’s competitors include Mine Safety Equipment, RAE Systems and Dräger.

In 2006, ISC acquired Oldham S.A. of Arras, France, a company specializing in the production of fixed gas monitoring systems.

In 2008, ISC acquired DBO2, a company that uses half of the development data in mining pit software to predict and solve problems early in the construction industry.

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