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History of MSA Gas detector

The MSA gas detector belongs to Mine Safety Appliances, or MSA Safety Incorporated, which is a sophisticated safety equipment manufacturer that protects workers who may be exposed (faced) to a dangerous type of factor (condition).

The company’s product lines include gas detection and monitoring equipment, gas masks, breathing masks, breathing equipment, fire caps, safety vests, military communication systems, a wide range of head and fall protection equipment, and safety equipment for users. The main markets include construction, military, fire, chemical production, petrochemicals, general industry.


MSA Gas detector is based in Pittsburgh, a suburb of Cranberry. With the help of Thomas Edison the company was established in 1914 to develop a type of lamp used in miners to help prevent methane-related explosions caused by the fire of lamps. Since the 21st century, the MSA Gas Meter has had record sales. Only a fraction of the company’s current products include those related to the mine. The company’s competitors include Industrial Scientific Coporation, RAE Systems and Drager.

The company’s assets are managed through two segments: MSA North America and MSA Global. MSA has been trading and manufacturing around the world and sells products to customers in over 140 countries. Although the majority of MSA’s products are only available through distributors, the company still sells head, eye, ear, respiratory and body protection products to individuals through hardware retail stores and private homes.

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