Gas detector by Gas Clip Technologies

Texas-based Gas Clip Technologies, Gas Clip Technologies products focus on handheld gas detectors. The company boasts simple and reliable equipment. Gas Clip produces a number of maintenance-free gas detector solutions worldwide. The company is led by the experience and reputation of leading experts in the field of gas detection industry and has distribution centers all over the world. Gas Meter Company founded a team of experts with more than 50 years of experience in the field of gas detection. Together, they have established Gas Clip Tecnologies as a leading gas measuring company with maintenance-free and customizable features. The company also has a small device that offers only 3 main products: single-target gas detector, SGC Plus with Hibernate mode, and Clip Dock As advanced technology and design, Gas Clip Technologies works to enhance the newer version of the device.

Gas Clip Technologies Single Gas Clip: Single Gas Clip is a maintenance-not-maintenance single-gas detector. It can be selected to H2S, CO, or O2 monitoring. The latest model has few improvements compared to other models earlier. First, it has a large battery, which allows for long-term use and bright screen. Secondly, it allows the user to observe the appearance of gas concentration on the screen. With a newer version also allows users to adjust the alert level. The device will notify the user when it is time start a bump test. Because many users and constructions have different requirements and standards for conducting bump tests, users can bump test with a single gas detector. The clip will automatically alert users when it is due.

Single Gas Clip (SGC) Plus with Hibernate Mode: SGC Plus with screen colors Bright images include all the standard features of Single Gas Clip. different the main difference with this product is that it includes the Hibernate function. This device can be available with CO and H2S capabilities. Hibernate function allows users to save save the working time of the device when it is not in use. Like a addition to measurement safety, Hibernate function is not affected in the lips field. The device needs to be a control setting when ordering to activate Hibernate features.

The Clip Dock: Clip Dock is a handheld station for Gas Clip Technologies. Clip Dock is a lightweight handheld device and wrapped in a durable plastic case designed to combat harsh work environments. Clip Dock allows people to use set up to 4 simultaneous gas detectors. Bump test and signaling station easy standard.

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