Crowcon LaserMethane Mini Remote Gas Detector

Some information about mini LaserMethane gas detectors

LaserMethane mini (LMm) is a handheld detector that detects methane gas at a distance of 0~100m. Use laser technology identified at one point by laser beams towards suspected leaks, or along the observation line. This revolutionary technology eliminates the need to access high positions, reduce costs and improve detection speed. LMm is an ideal for use in industrial, commercial and research environments. Or wherever Methane can appear and in the necessary monitoring and location.

LaserMethane mini is easy to operate and does not require maintenance. The startup process ensures consistent and reliable implementation every time devices are turned on. Blue laser led light can be observed high. Even under strong lights simplify the task of detecting leaks at the site. The Bluetooth feature combines the utility of LMm with the data storage function, which allows connecting to Android devices using the GasViewer app. Important data include gas levels, time, etc. is combined . Immediately archived or emailed to the central point.

Crowcon LaserMethane mini (LMm)

Crowcon LaserMethane mini (LMm) is a new innovation for long-range handheld gas detectors, allowing methane to be detected at distances of up to 100m. This allows easy access to hard-to-reach locations. Such as high pipes or workshop areas, locked warehouses. Especially helps keep users away from potential sources of leaks.

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