Cảm biến đo khí Hydrocarbon buồng bơm

Introduction of fixed explosive gas alarm system for oil tanker (pump room)

Hydrocarbon gas content monitoring system pumping chamber for oil vessels is a system equipped according to the mandatory requirements of international registration for oil vessels. The system ensures the task of continuously monitoring the explosive gas content in the pump chamber, displayed on the control cabinet and alarm when the amount of fire gas explodes up to 10% of the inability to cause fire.

System configuration:

  • Gas content sensor: Explosion chamber type, installed on the roof of the pump chamber
  • Control cabinet: Display gas content and system settings
  • Pair of sirens: Alarms when gas content is due
  • Isolator: Ensure fire safety

System block diagram:

Pump Chamber Hydrocarbon Gas Content Monitoring System Block Diagram

Some actual images:

View Manufacturer parameters

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