Cảm biến nhiệt độ phòng nổ Rongde WZPK-1

Detailed introduction of Rongde Model WZPK explosion-proof temperature sensor

General overview:

  • Rongde WZPK, model WZPK-1-R1 is a line of thermal sensors for explosion prevention and explosion of Shanghai Rongde, a company specializing in manufacturing equipment and monitoring systems for the maritime and industrial sectors. This type of thermal sensor is most used on oil vessels, namely the heat alarm system of the unloading drive, the wall shaft. In addition, it is suitable for monitoring temperatures at measurement points in safe restricted areas.

WZPK-1-R1 explosion-room temperature sensors are commonly used in pump temperature alarms, bearings and wall-piercing shafts

For more details:

  • WZPK-1-R1 is designed and built according to the ship industry standards, which are subject to harsh environmental impacts and require high sustainability and stability. Manufacturing materials are usually stainless metals, wire boxes are cast in aluminum, wire connectors are machined with stainless steel. Isolation of the connection box is equipped with pressure-resistant, oil-resistant gaskets to always ensure airtightness.
  • The measuring head is the PT100 type, which is equipped with steel separator details for welding on the surface point to monitor heat (if that surface does not allow hole drilling), the sensor outer casing is equipped with a local serial point and the wire holds the connection box cover.
  • The device consed with all maritime standards, reached the highest level of explosion prevention – safe in nature Ex ia II CT4 and approved by the Chinese registry.
Rongde WZPK-1 Explosion-In Temperature Sensor
Rongde WZPK-1 Explosion-In Temperature Sensor

Technical parameters:

  • Model: WZPK-1-R1
  • Thermal Resistance Type: PT100
  • Connection type: 3 wires
  • Working temperature: -25~70 oC
  • Protection Level: IP56
  • Measuring range: 0~100 oC
  • Explosion-level: Ex ia II CT4

Introductory video:

WZPK-1-R1 Explosion-Level Temperature Sensor Video

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