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Introduction of Hydrogen Carbon Gas detector (HC) for Pump room, Model Rongde RDKR-1

General introduction:

  • The RDRK-1 fixed gas detector sensor is an explosive gas probe, used to determine gasoline vapor concentrations such as CH4 methane, Propan C2H2 …, and flammable gases that can appear in the oil tanker pump chamber. When the concentration of flammable gas concentrated in the pump chamber exceeds the installation, the alarm cabinet will alert the person in charge to timely manipulate and avoid the risk of fire and explosion. This is one of the mandatory requirements on tankers and chemicals.

The Model RDKR-1 gas probe is commonly used in the Pump Chamber Hydrocarbon Gas Detector System, refer to below

Sensor details:

  • RdKR-1 is a series of specialized sensors used for oil vessels, it can cover an area of about 15m2, so each pump chamber depending on the area may need to install 1 to 2 sensors. As a seagoing equipment, the RDkR-1 is manufactured according to marine standards, capable of withstanding environmental conditions of salt vapor, vibration, high-strength equipment, and especially, gas probes installed in the pump chamber should reach the level of explosion prevention with the minimum requirement of an explosion room level for zone 1. , however, the RDKR-1 reached a higher level of detonation. This probe is fully explosion-proof and certified by the CCS registry.
Fixed mounted gas forecast
Fixed mounted gas forecast
  • RDKR-1 is created entirely of anti-rust material, cast aluminum connection box, sensor guard head and 304 stainless steel wire connector.
  • The gas tester is connected to the RDYB-208 or RDYB-204 controller by analog output of 4~20mA according to the Loop Powered principle, according to this method, the signal can be transmitted as far as kilometers. The voltage isolation between the safe and hazardous areas is equal to the RDAQ-3 Zenner barrier set. The controller will be set to low and high alarm levels between 10~30%LEL depending on the standard of the local water registry.
Inside the gas forecast
Inside the gas forecast
  • When installing and using a gas probe, it is advisable to clean the filter at the sensor protection head so that the sensor can achieve the highest sensitivity and accuracy, in addition, the sensor must be installed in a high position and point the sensor head downwards.
Rongde RDYB-208 Pressure or Gas Concentration Meter
Rongde RDYB-208 Pressure or Gas Concentration Meter

Technical parameters:

  • Model name: RDKR-1
  • Manufacturer: Shanghai Rongde – China
  • Explosion-level: Ex ib II BT4
  • Zenner Fit: RDAQ-3
  • Voltage: 12~24VDC
  • Output: 4~20mA Loop Powered
  • Accuracy: +/-5% LEL
  • Working temperature: Max 60 oC

Sensor Introduction Video:

RDKR-1 Fixed Mounted Hydrocarbon Gas Forecast Video

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