Cảm biến RDLY-1 đo áp lực bơm

Introduction of Rongde RDLY model explosion-proof pressure sensor

General introduction

  • The Rongde Pressure transmitter RDLY-1 is a series of specialized sensors used on oil vessels, which have high safety requirements for fire prevention. In addition, the sensor is also used in areas and factories used to monitor pressure and pressure for areas where fire hazards such as paint vapor, gas vapor, petroleum …
  • The explosion-level sensor is safe in Essence Intrinsic safety, allowing use in Zone 0.1.2 areas with safety barrier requirements.


  • RDLY-1 is compact, the entire sensor is made of durable materials with marine environment such as: sensor case made of cast aluminum, wire connectors – the sensor head is made of stainless steel 304.
RDLY-1 sensor measuring pump pressure
RDLY-1 sensor measuring pump pressure
  • Due to the specificity used to report the level of pipe pressure, the pumping pressure on the oil vessel, the sensor has a measuring range of 0~1.2Mpa, reaching the Ex ia II CT4 explosion room level, IP56 protection level and working temperature from -25 to 70oC. The sensor is type approved by the CCS registry.
  • This explosion proof sensor is powered by 24VDC industrial standard 1-way voltage, Analog 4~20mA output according to Loop powered standard, which can allow wires to extend for kilometers without worrying about signal interference. To ensure safety in essence, between the sensor and the RDYB-208 display is isolated from the Zener barrier RDAQ-1
Rongde RDYB-208 Pressure or Gas Concentration Meter
Rongde RDYB-208 Pressure or Gas Concentration Meter
  • The application of this sensor is mainly in the door pressure monitoring system full of pumps for oil vessels. In addition, also in this series of RDLY explosion prevention sensors, there are also a number of sensors using tunnel level measurement, cargo tunnelpressure alarm, WIAS tunnel intrusion water alarm system …

Video describing explosion-proof pressure sensor:

Video introduces pressure gauge sensors for cargo pumps, pump pumps and ballast pumps

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