Ống kính Pieper FRO-MP-R70-7012-78-HT

Open Box the FRO-MP-R70-7012-78-HT, Lens for Pieper Furnace Camera

General introduction:

  • The FRO-MP-R70-7012-78-HT, or FRO-R70-7012-78-HT, is a line of lenses for Pieper GmbH’s dedicated furnace camera, which is a lens with a special viewing angle: tilted 70o against a straight viewing angle like other lenses. This lens is commonly used with oven cameras such as FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1 
  • The main applications for monitoring fires in cement furnaces, cast iron, ceramics, glass mirrors…., lenses related to this field also have: Pieper lens FRO-7660-38-78-HG-A and Pieper lens FRO-9973-12-M

Technical parameters:

  • 70° radial furnace probe lens with motorized iris control and filter incl. OFR-M-7805-R lens guide ring / Lens type for 70o tilt-angle oven camera, automatic white need, enclosed with OFR-M-7805-R guide.
  • Operating voltage: 6 VDC max. 15mA / Working voltage 6 VDC, largest current 15mA
  • Attention: Only use with Pieper control board / Note: Only work with Pieper control board
  • Angle of view 1/2″
  • Horizontal = 58°
  • Vertical = 45°
  • Diagonal = 70°

Video opens the box:

by TESIndustry

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