Ống kính Camera lò FK-CF-PTZ-361220-20

Pieper Furnace Camera, Part number: FK-CF-PTZ-3612

FK-CF-PTZ-3612 series, full of color cameras exclusively for heat furnaces. They have distinctive design features and specifications for the above applications.

For processing, controlling the monitoring of areas with very high temperatures, we use special camera lines dedicated to this environment.

The main applications in industries such as cast iron, glass – ceramics, cement often require sustainable criteria, anti-vibration, shockproof for cameras, can work stably in harsh environments, but still have to ensure video definition and resolution for storage and analysis.

The camera uses a digital processing signal and its own way to synchronize data. The protective case is integrated with the SIG series,…

FK-CF-series cameras, PTZ-3612 is the most suitable line to ensure the best color and monitoring in areas with harsh lighting conditions.

Features FK-CF-PTZ-3612

  • Built-in sample play test
  • Intervable Communication Protocol between RS232 and RS485
  • DSP Digital Signal Processor
  • Graphical interface for GUI users
  • RS-232C Main Connection
  • Pan, tilt, zoom
  • DC Iris Control / AI Light Balance Control

Actual image Pieper furnace camera:

Video introduction Furnace camera and anth aid equipment:

Piper furnace camera FK-CF-PTZ-3612 and other equipment in the system

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