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Detailed introduction Pieper GmbH Furnace camera, model: FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1

General description:

  • Model FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1 of the Pieper FK-CF-PTZ-3612 series, is a dedicated camera line that monitors furnace flame temperature in cement, cast iron, ceramics, glass mirrors, etc.,

Detailed specifications:

Image sensor Interline transfer color CCD operating in field mode 1/2 inch (6.45 x 4.84 mm) standard
Pixel 768 x 494 NTSC 752 x 582 PAL
The resolution NTSC: 460 H x 350 TV lines; PAL: 450 x 415
Pulse 28.63636 MHz (NTSC) 28,375 MHz (PAL)
Sync Built-in sync pulse
Frames 30 fps (NTSC); 25 fps (PAL)
Sensitivity 1/2 inch: 3 lux with full video, minimum gain
Light balance Auto or manual white balance, 2500 to 9500 K
Gain o to 32 dB gain control-either agc or menu selected manual adjustment
Output video Simultaneous composite and S-video (NTSC or PAL)
Lens control 5 volt camera: manual iris only 12 volt camera: manual iris, auto iris, or dc iris
Ending the cradle RS-232C, 19,200 baud (fixed)
Sources of culture 12 V dc ±10 %
Power consumption 12V: 4.2W (350mA)
Size 1 x 1 x 3 inches, less lens
The weight 82 (g), less lens
Cradle fighting Single 12-pin Hirose HR10A-10R-12PC
Working temperature -20 to 70°C operating

Details Pieper FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1

  • When ordering individually, Pieper will provide a Camera with a dedicated jigsty suit, which helps to attach the Camera along with its lenses. This jig suit can slide forward on 03 guider lines, making it easy to adjust when fitted with different types of lenses. On the jig suit, the front of the camera is also pre-made a few holes for installation with the lens guider lines, under the camera, this jigs are welded adjacent to the outer shell of the camera and are also machined some holes ready to install a sprinkled wire that connects the lens control or thermal sensor to the lens. Pieper FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1 supports quite a variety of lenses, such as Pieper FRO-7660-38-78-HG-A, Pieper FRO-9973-12-M or Pieper FRO-MP-R70-7012-78-HT…, depending on each application of cement furnace, steel slill or incinerator of the thermal power plant.
  • Regarding the connection of the camera to the system, the Pieper FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1 is equipped with a single 12-legged sprinkle consisting of functional legs:
    • Camera Power Footer
    • Power footer for lens
    • Analog video output legs
    • S-video output footer
    • RS-232 computer connection communication foot according to industry standards

Actual Image of Pieper FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1

Camera Pieper FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1
Realistic Photo Pieper Furnace Camera FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1
Camera Pieper FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1 - Mac
Photo labels on the body of the Oven Camera
Camera Pieper FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1 - rac ket noi
Camera Connector FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1
Camera Pieper FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1 - dau lap bee kinh
Lens Head Image for FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1

Video introduction Pieper FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1

REVIEW Pieper FK-CF-PTZ-3612-2-IQ-R1

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