Máy đo khí Trung Quốc BX616

Detailed gas detector 4 indicators LEL, CO, O2, H2S Hanwei BX616

General introduction:

  • BX616 is one of the most popular gas detectors on the market because of its features such as a cheap, simple, durable gas detector and is rated as a machine with nothing to fail.
  • The machine detects 4 types of lel flammable gas, O2 oxygen gas, CO toxic gas and H2S toxic gas. In addition, when buying a machine, users can configure to measure 2 or 3 gases as you like.
  • The machine is manufactured by Hanwei, meets the standards of explosion prevention and IP65 protection, the machine is used in a variety of fields such as:
    • Environment: main purpose of testing toxic gases and oxygen concentrations in the region
    • Coal industry: because the machine meets explosion-breaking standards, it is safe in the coal industry when using the machine to check the concentration of CH4 and Oxygen methane in the area and above is also used as a gas detector for coal vessels.
    • In addition, the machine also uses a lot in paint, industry, construction …

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Open the BX616 box

  • It comes with standard accessories as follows:
    • Main machine, installed sensor inside
    • Software disk, computer connector cap
    • Charging and choking wires
    • Instructions for use, inspection record of the manufacturer
    • Sensor filter pads
    • Shooting cap for camera calibration
    • clamp

Detailed evaluation of BX616 multi-gas detector

  • The appearance of the grip is very fit and compact, perhaps because the inner suction pump is not integrated, so the machine size is reduced quite a bit. The grip is firm, not slippery.
Bx616 sewing phat hien when playing No.
Bx616 sewing phat hien when playing No.
  • As is the property of using a machine on the field, the machine is equipped with a plastic rubber impact-proof case
  • Front of the camera: The LCD display may seem a bit small, but if only to show the gas concentration and battery capacity, there is no problem. Because the gas detector is directly diffused, the front of the machine is arranged directly with 4 sensors to measure 4 types of LEL, O2, CO and H2S gases. The machine is also equipped with only 1 push button for all functions of the machine, which is relatively convenient when using gloves (working gloves) to avoid mistakenly pressing other buttons when using. The machine is equipped with 3 lights and 1 horn, when the lights are on and the alarm, can be seen almost from all directions.
  • Behind the machine there is only 1 clamp to set up the belt or chest pocket when using hands-free mode. In addition, the machine is equipped with a choke leg that combines a computer connection foot according to the mini USB standard, this type of connection is relatively convenient and common.

How to use the BX616 gas detector

  • Open the machine: Press and hold the power button until the screen is bright. Flashing lights, bright screens and machines begin the normal start process. To ensure the safest when using, the start-up process will be required to undergo a self-examination of the alarm features of the machine are lights, horns, vibrations, after which the sensors will auto zero (about 0).If during the start-up does not see the vibrator, the light is on and the siren, the machine has broken or disabled one of those features. Pay attention when the auto zero machine, because at this time, the machine will automatically take zero for the CO, H2S and LEL gas sensors and the 20.9% mark for oxygen gas, so to ensure accurate measurement, it is recommended to leave the auto zero in a clean air environment.
  • Normal operation: After starting in parallel, the machine will call for 1 hour “bip” to start the normal gas measurement process. During this time, the machine will occasionally shout “bip” to remind the user it is still active. If the air threshold is not up to the alarm level, the backlight, the indicator light are not on, users can press and release the button on the machine to turn on the backlight.
  • Shutdown: Shut down by pressing and holding the power button until the screen and horn are completely turned off.
  • Charging: Although the machine reaches the level of explosion room, it is mandatory for the gas detector to choke in a safe area.

Detailed video review Hanwei BX616

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