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MMC Japan Inert Gas Pressure gauge

Mmc Japan’s inert gas pressure clock uses inert gas testing inside the cargo bunker. Measure easily by inserting a GVP model portable pressure gauge into a stop valve or measuring position on top of the tank. The GVP-75 series pressure gauge has an airtight mechanism to prevent air leakage from inside the tank. The watch has a screw-shaped secretion mechanism for safety when the pressure changes abruptly and the mesh filter prevents dirt at the in turn.

  • Scale: +2500 to -1000mm (water)
  • Accuracy: +-1.5% of the entire scale

More information on MMC Asia Website (Japan): here

MMC Japan Inert Gas Pressure gauge Models

Model GVP-75: suitable for use with blocking valves of type “B,” “MB,” “MBS”, series “C”, “D-25,” series “F-50”, and series “S”.

Inert Gas Pressure Watch MMC GVP-75
Inert Gas Pressure Watch MMC GVP-75

GVP-75A: suitable for steam valves (self-closing valves) models “G65K80” and “A.”

GVP-75ANF: suitable for steam valves (self-closing valves) model “ANK-52.”

MMC GVP-75NF Inert Gas Pressure Watches
MMC GVP-75NF Cargo Tunnel Pressure Watches

Closed [Gas-tight] Inert Gas Pressure metter

MMC Inert Gas Pressure Meter Model. The “GVP-75” series consists of a pressure meter (Low measuring meter) on a gas seal attachment, which can be fitted on MMC Tank Gauging Station (Vapor Locks) in order to prevent leakage of inert gas from tanks.

The pressure meter contains a screw type orifice which controls sudden change of pressure. Also a Mesh Filter is fitted at the inlet of gas pressure to prevent dust coming in. Indication of the meter applies within the range -10kPa (vacuum) ~ +30kPa (pressure).

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