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MMC USA Gastight Sample Ruler , Gastight Type – Closed

The MMC airtight sampling ruler is designed to be suitable for most types of MMC blocking valves such as type B, MB, MMB and F/C50 valves, specialized in areas where the evaporation of goods in the safe is prohibited to the external environment when conducting cargo measurements or sampling inside the safe.

When inserting the ruler into the MMC blocking valve on the measuring tubes or sampling tubes, we can proceed to the sampling inside the tank, then close the valve, remove the ruler from the valve and pour the sample into the container. The ruler can be converted to a level measurement function or a drying test of the bottom of the cargo cellar by attaching the fruit to the end of the ruler wire.

MMC USA airtight sampling ruler specifications, Gastight type – Closed

  • Accuracy: of tape measure: +/- 1/8inch (3mm), +/- 0.01% of the entire scale.
  • Tape measure wire length:
    • Stainless steel wire: 50 ft. (15 m), 75 ft. (25m), 100 ft. (30 m), 120 ft. (37m).
    • Inert Tefzel coating wire: up to 30m, used for chemical solvent tanks.
  • Weight: 14 lbs. (6.4 kg).
  • Pressure limit:
    • Working pressure: 3 psi
    • Maximum pressure: 7.5 psi

See more airtight sampling rulers of MMC Asia, made in Japan: Here

Vapor Control Sampling Valves and Equipment for “Closed” Tank Sampling

  • Fixed-In-Place (FIP)
  • Portable-In-Place (PIP)
  • Both Flexi-Dip systems

MMC’s Flexi-Dip Tank Sampling System is available in two varieties: the Fixed-In-Place (FIP) version designed for use with MMC’s unique S series vapor control valves with built-in sampling ports, and the Portable-In-Place (PIP) version designed for use with any standard MMC vapor control valve. Both Flexi-Dip systems are made entirely in the USA by MMC.

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