Máy đo khí GasAlertMax XT II, mã hàng XT-XWHM-Y-OE

Instructions for use of BW GasAlertmax XT II gas detector

General introduction:

  • This article will give preliminary instructions on how to use the GasAlertmax XT II gas detector and some attention during use to avoid sensor errors, inaccurate measurements, and increased safety when using the machine.

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How to use:

  • Start the GasAlertmax XT II by pressing and releasing the unique button on the machine, after turning on the power, the machine will require checking the suction pump by sealing the straw again. The whole process of starting the machine, including pump testing and Auto zero can reach 30s, however, it is a relatively fast time with the gas meter line , some other gas measuring devices may have reduced boot time by ignoring the pump test step and Auto Zero, but that is really not safe.
  • During normal operation, the pump will sound evenly – the pump notation on the LCD display, the BLUE FLASHING LEDs and the main screen display in real time the measured gas concentration, the heart-shaped notation on the screen will alert the area that is checking safety for the person , when you want to turn on the backlight, grace the button and release it.
  • The machine will alert in the following cases:
    1. Pump blockage
    2. Out of battery
    3. The measured gas concentration exceeds the allowable threshold, there will be 2 thresholds installed in the machine, for short, the low and high thresholds, these thresholds are set according to each individual standard.
  • Shut down by pressing and holding the only button on the machine until the shutdown, usually 3s.

Notes when using:

  • Use in accordance with the accompanying user manual, this manual is for reference only
  • No choking machines in hazardous areas
  • When the machine does Zero automatically or adjusts the Zero machine, it must be left in the area to ensure there is clean natural air.
  • Do not use the machine when the battery is low, avoid software errors and drift sensors.
  • When manipulating, if mistaken for strange (unfamiliar) programs, it is recommended to hold and press the power button until it is turned off and then reopened.

Video tutorial:

Video tutorial GasAlertMax XT II

by TESIndustry

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