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Introducing Finetek SD series Optical type liquid level sensor

Optical level alarm switches work based on the principle of reflection through the prism. Based on reflection or absorption and the device gives the form of an output signal. When the sensor is placed in the air environment, the reflector angle increases and the signal is almost fully reflected.

On the contrary, when the sensor is placed in a liquid environment, the extraction of the liquid and the sensor head material changes, the signal will be partly absorbed, the reflected signal will weaken, comparing the signal going and about will give the output signal of the sensor is ON or OFF.

 Image of the principle of optical level alarm sensor


  • Simple, compact and powerful
  • No need for physical movement parts
  • Integrated solid-state electronic circuit
  • Easy to remove, install and clean
  • Integrated NPN scratch strength output, PNP, can connect to PLC
  • Durable, diverse, acid-resistant, alkaline, sewage, edicted and a variety of liquids
  • Over-line protection and reverse polarity
  • LED status display
  • Application: Liquid leakage, pump protection, motor …

Main application:

  • Pharmaceutical technology
  • Air conditioning system
  • Industrial Compressor System
  • Food and beverage system
  • Hydraulic Power Supply
  • Machine Tools
  • Liquid tanks of all kinds
  • Processing and packaging transmission line
  • Other heavy industries
  • Manhole…


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