Máy đo khí Drager X-am 5600 cao cấp

Draeger X-am 5600 Multifunction Gas Detector

General introduction:

  • On the market today there are many types of gas detectors (also known as gas detectors, gas detectors) that can at the same time measure many different gases called multi-gas detectors or multi-indicators. In terms of quality, Draeger – Germany can say the equivalent of MSA Gas Detector – USA.
  • The Draeger X-am 5600 has the following highlights:
    • Compact, easy-to-use, watertight, dustt, impact resistant
    • Infrared sensor can be integrated with longevity and high measurement accuracy
    • Dual sensors can be integrated for measurement with greater accuracy
    • This 1-to-6 gas detection device can effectively detect concentrations of O2, Cl2, CO, CO2, H2, H2S, HCN, NH3, NO, NO2, PH3, SO2,O3, Amine, Odorant, explosive and toxic COCl2 as well as organic volatile gases
    • Sample air suction pump can be integrated with 30m suction capacity
    • Highest safety explosion prevention standard, usable in Zone 0

Draeger specifications in this article:

Dräger X-Am 5600 Multi-Gas Monitor – Portable Gas Detector – Technical Specification

Measured gases Khí cháy nổ IR, Khí CO, Khí CO2, Khí O2, Khí H2S
Size 47mm x 130mm x 44mm ; 1.85″ x 5.12″ x 1.73″ (Width x Height x Depth)
The weight 250g; 8.8oz
Working conditions Temperature: -20ºC to +50ºC; -4ºF to +122ºF Pressure: 700 to 1300 mbar; 20.7 to 38.4″ Hg Humidity: 10 to 95% RH
Protection level IP67
Battery life ~10 hours or rather ~12 hours
Charging time < 4 hours
Save data Can be read out via infrared > 1000 hours with 6 gases and a recording interval of 1 value per minute
Suction Pump (Optional) Maximum hose length 30m; 98ft
Types of certifications ATEX: I M1 Ex ia I Ma II 1G Ex ia IIC T4/T3 Ga Measurement Performance Certificates: EN50104 (2002) + A1 (2004) O2 EN45544 CO, CO2 and H2S EN60079-29-1:2007 Methane, Propane, Noane EN50271:2001 IECEx Software and documentation: Ex ia I Ma, Ex ia IIC T4/T3 Ga for MQG 01 MED: Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC CSA C US: Div 1, Class I, Groups A, B, C, D T4/T3, A/Ex ia IIC T4/T3 /Ga

Open the Draeger X-am 5600 gas detection box

A. The machine box includes:

  • Main machine
  • Impact-resistant condoms
  • Factory Test Certification
  • Manual
  • Quick directions
  • Instructions and detailed parameters of each sensor

B. Adaptor Box

  • Base
  • Power Changeer
  • Types of plugs.
  • There are also leather box accessories.

Some actual images:

Draeger X-am 5600 Gas Detection Machine / Front Machine
Drager X-am 5600 – Front
Draeger X-am 5600 Gas Detection Machine / Back Of Machine
Draeger X-am 5600 Gas Detection Machine / Back Of Machine
Open the Draeger X-am 5600 gas detector box, measure multi-target gas detector
04 Draeger X-am 5600 gas detector detects LEL, O2, CO, CO2 and H2S gas

See more specifications and other codes of the X-am 5600 series

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