PV valve with double ventilation

High velocity relief valve with double ventilation

Double ventilation High velocity relief valve
Double ventilation High velocity relief valve

High Velocity Relief Valve for cargo oil tank (or High Velocity P/V valve, for short) is generally used in the relief system of the oil tanker and chemical tanker, according to the current regulations IMO and IBC. The purpose of the high velocity valve is to provide automatic control of pressure differentials during liquid cargo ship loading, voyage, ballasting and de-ballasting without any manual operation, also, it provides auto-protection against fire and explosions on deck. Additionally in the event that the inert gas system can not supply gas promptly, the vacuum valve can auto open to protect the tank against excessive vacuum when de-ballasting on dock. Normal, when the pressure risen in tank because of temperature or loading, the pressure valve open automatically and vent gas. When the pressure of tank come to pressure differentials, the vacuum valve or pressure valve all can be automatic resetted. If an ignition occurs outside the tank space, the flames will be quenched in the flame trap.

As the rules of IMO and IBC, each cargo oil tank should be installed with 2sets of ventilation devices or one set of ventilation and one liquid pressure sensor, to make sure the tank will not decompression or overpressure while one of them does not work. Therefore, one of PV valve with small size can be used as the accessory to combine with the main valve. The set pressure is the normal working pressure of main valve, the accessory valve with the safety pressure. The ventilation system can prevent the overpressure or decompression of the cargo oil tank, but also can be considered as the assist devie of increasing the loading speed.

Material: Cast Steel, Stainless Steel

Certificate: CCS, BV, ABS type approval certificate and product certificate

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