Đầu báo lửa từ xa, 40/40 Series, hãng Spectrex US

Remote Flame detector, 40/40 Series, Spectrex US

Spectrex US’s remote flame detector is a fire forecast that combines the latest features with the most outstanding and certified features for today’s industries. All Series 40/40 newspapers offer high durability and reliability with a warranty period of up to 5 years. All are equipped with heat-resistant glass to be able to work in the harshest conditions with HART thong transmission output to provide the most accurate information during installation and maintenance. Most leopard oils have an enhanced detection distance and have a larger range of observation than before

Certified fire alarms operating in hazardous areas such as: (FM/ATEX/IECEx/CSA…) for location in zone I and confirmation by 3rd parties (EN54-10, FM, DNV).

The Series 40/40 fire detector classification includes IR3 probes, UV/IR combination detectors, single UV type detectors, single IR type detectors as well as new multi-IR probes that provide the ability to detect flames mixed with Hydrocarbon and Hydrogen gases

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Actual image of the remote flame detector:

40/40I IR3 Box Open Video

Video opens Spectrex SharpEye 40/40I IR3 Flame Detector fire detector box

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