Đầu báo khí từ xa, Model SafEye, hãng Spectrex US

Open Path Gas Detector, Model SafEye, Spectrex US

Open Path Gas Detector, detect Hydrocarbon gas

The safety system “Flash Source” (1) used in versions 900 and 300, has come up with technologies that have proven to be good for rapid detection of flammable gases or vapors on a “Line of Sight” (2) with a distance of up to 600 Ft (200m) and are created to ensure reliability and continue to operate in harsh environmental conditions.

“Flash Source” (1) is understood as a system to ensure fire safety. To prevent initial signs of fire risk (or initial spark sources)

Line of Sight” (2) means a direction in which to observe a particular object (here gas and slightly flammable)

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