Hướng dẫn cài đặt MSA Altair 4XR

MSA Altair 4XR Gas detector: Video 3 – Setting Guide


Using any device, understand and master all the functions of the device is always the most important. The software of MSA Altair 4X is very smart and simple. Users can set all parameters on the machine such as: Toggle sensors, Set measuring range, Target gas settings, Calibration settings, Set date and time ….

There are some very important items that users need to keep in mind, must understand to install (if you do not understand carefully, contact the seller to understand), including:

  • Set the type of explosive gas you want to measure.
  • Set the display value for explosive gases
  • Setting bump test and Calibration milestones
  • Set TWA and STEL alarm values
Instructions for setting MSA Altair 4XR

Other parameters are also important, however it is easier to use, most are specifically guided arbitration documents come with the machine.

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