Introducing working kits in Confined space

Entering the limited space “Confined space” is really a serious problem. Many workers were killed because they did not use the right equipment. Businesses have also paid a heavy price for not complying with OSHA’s safety regulations. We, TESIN VIETNAM, have for many years researched, explored and configured the set of devices used to work in a limited space with the following configuration:

Working Kits in Confined Space
Working Kits in Confined Space

1- Tripod and winch

It is a complete three-legged rescue system consisting of a 60-foot-1/4-inch galvanized cable winch, a 7-foot aluminum tri-legged price, and a multi-purpose winch bag set.

2 pulleys are integrated on top of the price. When fully opened, the tri-legged price will fit into the public mouth or the user can adjust the expansion itself according to the needs.

The set of equipment is easy to manipulate, simple, just open 3 legs, attach the wink to the position and pull the wire through the pulley.

rescue tripod for Confined space
rescue tripod for Confined space

2 – GasAlert Max XT II

A real-time handheld gas detector with built-in suction pumps. Simultaneous measurement of 4 gases: Explosive gas, Oxygen, CO and H2S. With a single button, the machine works extremely simple, without much training – guidance. Widescreen, built-in backlight for easy reading in low-light areas. In general, it is easy to use, just press a button.

Confined Space Gas Meter
Confined Space gas detector – measuring 4 gases – with suction pump

3 – Blower:

UB20 is the most popular fan we sell and has proven to be extremely reliable. The two-layer shell is cast from a UV-resistant polyethylene; it is built against chipping, corrosion resistance and is virtually indestructable. The engine is durable reinforced and fastened with fasteners, the fan is portable and suitable for a lot of different applications. The shipbuilding plant, electricity and water, contractors, rescue teams have taken it for testing and have come to the same conclusion… Nothing compares!

Fan blows the air to Confined Space - blows toxic air before entering
Fan blows the air to Confined Space – blows toxic air before entering

4 – Seat belt set

ExoFit straps are by far the most comfortable set of straps especially when dangling from a 7-foot tri foot rack. It is equipped with the necessary D-ring when working in a limited space. ExoFit is made from ultra-durable materials combined with breathable Dri-Lex pads that help suck moisture out of the worker’s body to keep them dry and comfortable to wear. Also with the lycra border around the belt, the wearer will not suffer from the pain of rubbing from the harness.

Straps with D-rings for Confined Space
Straps with D-rings for Confined Space


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