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VR #Regulations on training in enclosed spaces and on board rescue


  • Resolution MSC.350(92); 352(92) – From 1 January 2015
  • Regulation SOLAS Ch.III/19.2.3; Ch.XI-1/7
  • ISM Code; Ch.18 HSC Code 1994, 2000
    • Crew members responsible for entering enclosed spaces and rescues must attend training sessions into enclosed spaces and rescues organized on board at least once every 2 months
    • Trainings must be recorded in the ship’s diary
    • Vessels must be equipped with handheld environmental testing equipment from July 1, 2016

Some common handheld environmental testing tools:

Gas Alarm Micro Clip XL
GasAlertMicroClip XL gas detector, used for Cont ships, cargo ships
Gas Alarm Max XT II
GasAlertMax XT II gas detector, used for liquid cargo ships, oil vessels, chemical vessels

Refer to the additional a Rescue Tripod used when entering restricted spaces

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