Bộ giá 3 chân MSA confined space kit

MSA Rescue Tripod for enter a Confined space

MSA Tripod set to work or rescue in limited space. This is a simple set of equipment that satisfies the necessary requirements to work in enclosed spaces. This set of equipment is the right idea for tanks, tanks, manholes, and other vertical working activities.

Refer to China tripod Rescue Kit, 30m Stainless Steel Cable

Feature Highlights:

  • Allows rescue without entering the restricted space, the device is very portable
  • Lift/lower people and tools simultaneously.

Fields: Chemicals, Construction, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Water Treatment, General Industries, Coal and Minerals

Application: Limited Space, Working at Altitude

Introductory video:

Working kits in limited spaces, including tripod, wink, pulley prices
Insert win winn into tripod mount: Equipment for limited space
Row codeDepictParameters
10102002Rescue tripodLength: 16,614 IN (0.422 M)   Width: 16,299 IN (0.414 M) Height: 65,315 IN (1,659 M) Weight: 50,001 LB (22,680 KG) Size: N/A Color: N/A
10153142Kits (including: tripod 8′ price, 50′ Dynevac II self-rolled wink, 65′ regular wink, Installation accessories, Pulleys and hooks 1′) CSA 
10163033Kits include: 50′ Rescue Wink, 65′ Stainless Steel Wire Normal Wink, (2) Pulley, (2) HookLength: 15,984 IN (0.406 M)   Width: 19.016 IN (0.483 M) Height: 65,000 IN (1,651 M) Weight: 50,001 LB (22,680 KG) Size: N/A Color: N/A
10163034The whole set of equipment into the enclosed space includes, 50′ Rescue Wink Stainless Steel Cable Type, Pulley, Hook 
10174588Workman CSE Kit, 50′ Rescue Wink, 65′ Stainless Steel Wink, (2) Pulley, (2) Hook (CSA version) 
10174589Workman CSE Kit includes: 50′ Stainless Steel Cable Rescue Wink, Pulley, Hook (CSA version) 

Certification for rescue tripod:

  • USA Approvals
    • ANSI Z359.1-2007 – IAC-23-041-CAL_r0
    • ANSI Z359.1-2007 – IAC-23-042-CAL_r0
  • European Union
    • EN 363:2008 – 11_1_0190-2011_09_13
  • International
    • GOST R 12.4.223-99 (ГОСТ Р 12.4.223-99) – KZ_7500802_01_01_00332
    • DSTU EN 7952006 (ДСТУ EN 7952006) – UA_1_003_0119593-11

Certification for wins:

  • USA Approvals
  • ANSI Z359.14-2012 – IAC-23-015-CAL_r0
  • Canadian Approvals
  • CSA Z259.2.2-98 – 09-15-2013_CSA1064727

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