Máy đo khí nhỏ gọn BW Flex và BW Icon

Introducing Honeywell BW Icon and BW Flex Gas detector


Honeywell BW™ Icon and BW™ Flex

The Honeywell BW™ Icon and BW Flex gas detectors are honeywell BW’s best™ of the three certified handheld gas detectors.

From pioneering a fixed-life single-gas detector to the launch of the first compact multi-gas detector to use with a push of a button. Honeywell BW ™ has set standards for quality, reliability and ease of use for handheld gas detectors.

BW’s next-generation multi-gas measuring platform combines the best features of our previous handheld gas detector along with the latest technologies and capabilities. Workers can continue to get the Honeywell BW ™ experience and performance they expect alongside new features that make it easier to increase safety compliance with more gas.

Honeywell BW Icon Gas Meter

Honeywell BW™ Icon

Fixed lifespan, 2 years, measurement of 4 dangerous gases that workers most often encounter

Honeywell BW Icon+ Gas Meter

Honeywell BW™ Icon+

4-gas detector with 5 optional sensors

Honeywell BW Flex-i Gas Meter

Honeywell BW™ Flex

4-gas detector, with the option of more than 15 sensors

Reliable for daily workers to ensure safety

Honeywell BW ™ Icon and BW Flex gas detectors go wherever your workers work, continuously detecting gases even in challenging environments.

All the benefits that 3 gas detectors bring you

  • 2 months for Battery life: Gas detection for 2 months working with 4.5 hours for 1 charge*. This means that there is no daily charge and no unexpected downtime.
  • Advanced infrared technology: The long runtime of the battery is due to Honeywell’s infrared sensor for flammable gases (LEL) at a lower explosive limit, which consumes 100 times less power than traditional catalyst particle sensors.
  • Accurate, reliable LEL detection – nosensor intoxication : Honeywell’s infrared LEL sensor is immune to air contaminants such as grease and other silicons that may corrode some LEL sensors. That means the sensor will accurately monitor flammable substances throughout its lifespan, with less time and cost for sensor maintenance
  • Extremely high intrusion protection for complete reliability: With IP 66 protection and 68 BW™ Icon and BW Flex gas detectors that are dust-resistant and immersed in water. So whether dropping the gas detector in tank cellars or using it in steel mills, it still works efficiently.
  • The LEL sensor is the catalyst for traditional applications. BW ™ Flex will also be offered with the standard catalyst LEL sensor option for complete protection within traditional applications.

Fast, accurate response sensors – even under extreme conditions

1 Series - the highest standard of sensor quality and reliability

1 Series – the highest standard of sensor quality and reliability

The BW ™ Icon and BW Flex gas detectors are equipped with a 1 Series sensor, which is one-third the height of the industry standard. This thin sensor shape not only makes a machine more compact, lighter, but also means faster sensor response times, as gas diffuses into the sensors faster.

These sensors will respond to hazardous gas levels within seconds, even in temperatures between -40ºC and 60ºC (-40ºF to 140ºF) ** – as well as pressure, temporary humidity and other harsh environments.

Even in the harshest environments, workers are warned about gas risks so they can leave the area.


  • * When equipped with IR LEL Sensor
  • ** Temperature range of LEL catalyst sensor from -20ºC to 60ºC (-4ºF to 140ºF)

Compact air meter – high performance

Continuing to inherit Honeywell BW™ products, the BW Icon and BW Flex hand gas detectors are designed for simple operation and easy notifications, including bright lights, vibration alarms and 95 db tongs. If there is a threat from gas, workers will know it.

Keep workers safe without causing them hardship: Workers who wantto use handheld gas detectors are easy to use. BW ™ Icon and BW Flex bring the ease of use they expect from Honeywell BW ™. Each detector is small, light and abrasive, but durable enough for harsh conditions

One-button control – no complex expertise required: The BW ™ Icon and BW Flex finder has only one button for simple use – even when you are wearing gloves – that prevents mismanpation and reduces training time.

A n full at a glance. Want to quickly determine if the machine is not suitable (safe)? Just look for Honeywell’s patented IntelliFlash ™ – the flashing green light, which is remotely visible, says the detector has been bumptest tested and is tracking correctly. Amber lamps in which maintenance is required.

BW Honeywell Effective Equipment Management

IntelliDoX Management Device Set
IntelliDoX Management Device Set

The BW ™ Icon and BW Flex handheld gas detectors are compatible with intelliDoX device management systems, combining smart connection modules with Honeywell Safety Suite software. It is the same docking system used with honeywell BW gas ™, which means no new infrastructure is needed.

  • Get more done in less time with a unified system of links and software. Simply placing one or more gas detectors in the IntelliDoX mounting system, this system will automatically perform Bumptest tests and transfer data including alerts, exposures, test results and more – to software for visual analysis, compliance monitoring and device configuration.
  • Check the gas detector with or without an external filter. Want to use an external filter to protect internal sensors from contaminants? With IntelliDoX, you can detect the fastest with external filters attached, helping you to comprehensively check the performance of the appropriate sensor and calibration
  • Minimize infrastructure creation costs and intermittent times: Current IntelliDoX modules can be quickly and easily converted and compatible using IntelliDoX for BW ™ Icon and BW Flex, which reduces system capital costs, downtime, and training.

Report air measurement results via Smartphone

BW ™ Icon and BW Flex make air alarms easier. Simply download the Honeywell Device Configurator app, use Bluetooth® to pair your smartphone with a gas detector, and open the app to see the data – sorted in a ready-to-go report. Just tap send.

Bluetooth connectivity® – along with one-button operation, smartphone apps, and a clear compliance dashboard in honeywell Safety Suite – make the BW ™ Icon and Flex multi-gas detection device one of the easiest to use in the industry.

HONEYWELL BW ICON: The simplest way to prioritize safety

Honeywell BW ™ Icon is a 4-gas detector with a fixed service life, 2 years. That means you can turn on and activate two years of protection without replacing the sensor or battery – and no costs in need. The detector simultaneously monitors the four gases that workers most often face including oxygen (O2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), flammable gas (LEL), and your choice of carbon monoxide (CO) or sulfur dioxide (SO2).

Honeywell BW Icon Gas Meter

Icon screen

The Honeywell BW ™ icon is named to display simple symbols for gas levels and device status – the first of its kind in the gas detection industry. That means workers don’t need to read gas directly – and don’t waste time training.

Quick decisions

When there is a gas alarm, the bell icon on the screen will light up, along with an alarm next to the sensor, so workers can quickly exit the area.

Easy to understand the icons.

In addition to the two alarms, the screen includes lighting icons for:

  • TWA (average over time)
  • STEL (short-term exposure limit)
  • Bumptest Due
  • Calibration due
  • Battery Status • Bluetooth

Serviced version: HONEYWELL BW ICON +

Want to maximize the life of a 4-gas detector and optimize long-term cost of ownership? Choose Honeywell BW ™ Icon + usable, giving you a similar icon-based experience, along with additional malicious sensor configurations coming soon.

View gas concentrations measured in real time

Want to see the full concentration of a gas? Or other information that isn’t on the screen through icons? Simply pair the gas detector with your smartphone and use the Honeywell Device Configurator app to view gas data and submit reports.

HONEYWELL BW FLEX: 4 gas measurements can be used in small spaces

Whether you’re protecting workers or a rapid response team – in industries from steel, wastewater treatment to paper manufacturing – BW Flex offers the flexibility you need.

Honeywell BW Flex-i Gas Meter

Quick reading of gas indicators in real time: Large high-resolution screens with parameters available in multiple languages.

Simultaneous monitoring of 5 dangerous gases: For multifunctional applications, can choose from more than 15 sensors including sulfer dioxide (SO2), phosphine (PH3), ammonia (NH3) and other types of sensors And thanks to the upcoming COSH sensor – combining hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon monoxide (CO) into one – Honeywell BW ™ Flex will be one of the smallest, lightest gas detectors available.

Smart sensor for enhanced safety and uptime: Honeywell BW ™ Flex combines i-Series smart sensor that monitors sensor status and provides advanced predictive, maintenance and calibration information in real time. These advanced alerts reduce the likelihood of errors and increase awareness so that preventive action can be taken to avoid unwanted safety incidents and downtime.

Turn safety into a strategic advantage.

With multi-gas detectors, Honeywell also helps your company turn safety into a strategic advantage by improving workers’ confidence at work, increasing their productivity, reducing on-demand management costs, and preventing unwanted downtime.

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