Bơm tay Gastec dùng test khí nhanh

Gastec Gas sampling pump GV-100S, GV-110S

Gastec gas sampling pump is a supporting device in air environment monitoring activities. Gastec equipment includes gas rapid detection tubes and GV-100S handheld gas sampling pumps; GV-110S for rapid determination of gas concentrations to be measured at the scene

  • Gastec GV-100S is measured according to the number of sampling rings,
  • Gastec GV-110S Remember the number of gas samples on the gas sampling pump

Features of the device:

  • Compact design, sleek, easy to hold, easy to hold with one hand. Pumping operation does not create sparks, the body is wrapped with foul flock material
  • Completely sealed, creating a vacuum. The pump head has a rapid gas detection tube cutter, which is convenient to use.
  • Gentle gas sampling operation, minimum gas sampling volume 50ml (1/2 cycle of gas sampling)
  • Quick and easy operation of gas samples, gas sampling process with a volume of 50ml or 100ml, know exactly the end point of the sampling process.

Device specifications:

  • Get samples with a volume of 50ml, 100ml and n x 100ml
  • Remember the number of air grabs on the device

The equipment includes:

  • Main equipment
  • 3 buffer heads
  • 1 cushion
  • 1 handbag


  • Gastec gas sampling pumps are used to assess the environment in the oil and gas chemical industries, in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, clean houses, working environments, in industrial parks, factories, factories, to determine, check, calculate, quandation, monitoring of gas formations to be checked in the commonly used environment used in centers backup medical centers, environmental monitoring centers, in factories in industrial parks.

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