ISC #3: Why is it necessary to calibration the gas detector?

  • Today, we will not talk about bump test but will focus on gas detector calibration. Indeed, there is no denying the importance of bump testing, however, regular machine calibration is a matter of survival.
  • Calibration helps to set the correct values for the sensor on your gas detector, it provides a reference point for the measured value and makes it possible to trust that the value that displays the gas concentration on the meter is the actual gas concentration of the surrounding environment.
  • That’s why we offer a 1-month calibration period instead of longer recommendations.
  • Calibration is the only way to ensure your gas detector is working within the published standard parameters. If the sensor manufacturer announces solid, the sensor’s self-drift signal is +/-2% for each month or greater, and if you want your gas detection machine to have a stable accuracy of +/-5%, then you need to calibration at least once every 3 months. For manufacturers, every standard is given in the laboratory, however, you use gas detectors in real-world environments with many harsh conditions both chemically as well as physically, of course, calibration needs to be carried out more often.
  • Our experience shows that when bringing the machine to the scene of measurement, more than 50% in point, the sensitivity will likely vary up to 3% per month. So, if you want your machine to have +/-5% accuracy at any time, obviously, you should calibration once a month.
  • You can use a standard gas bottle to check the accuracy of the machine for different periods of time, then assess if the accuracy is appropriate? However, why waste the same amount of time and 1 amount of gas without calibration is always convenient to always ensure the accuracy of the machine.
  • Finally, if you want the measured value to be as accurate as possible, nothing can replace the calibration.
  • For safety, always properly calibration the gas detector!
Calibration of BW Technologies multifunction gas detector
Calibration of BW Technologies multifunction gas detector

by TES Industry

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