Honeywell solution#4: Dangers of hypoxia

We all need to breathe Oxygen (O2) in the air to live. The air is made up of different gases including oxygen. The air around us usually contains an oxygen concentration of 20.9% volume. When oxygen levels drop below 19.5% of the volume, that air is considered hypoxia. Oxygen concentrations below 16% of the volume are considered unsafe for humans.

Lack of Oxygen due to the following causes:

  • Replaced by other gases
  • burn
  • Oxidation
  • Chemical reactions
  • Bacterial
Oxygen element in the 3veth system table
Oxygen element in the 3veth system table

We often forget that high concentrations of oxygen can also pose a risk. When increasing O2 concentrations at the same time the flammable properties of materials and gases also increase with it. At 24% of items such as clothing can naturally ignite on their own. As we know, wheezing lamps use Acetylene and high concentration oxygen for very high temperatures. Other areas where high concentrations of oxygen may arise into the atmosphere include storage zones, rocket systems, bleaching products in the pulp and paper industry, and clean water treatment equipment. Sensors used in this environment have been specially certified for use in high concentration oxygen environments.


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