MSA motionScout

Function check for the MSA motionScout


MSA motionScout is a safety device. It is worn on people who need to go to work in enclosed spaces. When the device detects an abnormality in the wearer’s operation, it alerts the horn light. The wearer can shake it off with the initial alarms. To a higher level alarm, [Main Alarm] it is necessary to press 2 buttons simultaneously to turn it off.

MSA motionScout #Thiết with motion alarm [EN: Pre-Alarm & Full-Alarm]
MSA motionScout #Video sub-mode: Check alarm function [EN: Test alarm function]
MSA motionScout #Video sub-mode: Trigger alarm [EN: Manual active alarm function]

Motion SCOUT is extremely easy to use.Sensitive electronic motion sensors recognize all normal body movement.The free and sustainable maintenance protocolSCOUT ensures good price performance rates.

MSA motionScout Features :

  • Compact, powerful and waterproof personal warning system
  • Clearly visible red LEDs will light up
  • 10 hours audio 95 dB
  • Simple operation, two buttons

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