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Finetek Industry #1: Sensors for the Cement industry

Cement is the world’s most important building material. Cement production, which can generally be divided into grinding raw materials, calded. Cement is created by three processes – grinding limestone and clay raw materials and other raw materials for grinding. Burning raw materials in the oven; burn it and then grind it into cement.

Cement Industry Report Cement Industry Report Cement Industry Report
Cement Industry Report Cement Industry Report Cement Industry Report
Main material tanks Spinning furnace Transport equipment
Lime is one of the cement raw materials mined by quarry exploration drilling, sampling, testing and initial determination of chemical components. The components are based on mining terrain. Other processes include: quarrying, crushed stone. Other components: clay, silicon sand, iron slag and others need to be stored separately. Limestone, clay, silicon sand, iron slag and other raw materials are evenly mixed in powdered form in proportion to the composition. After collecting dust it is stored in a material warehouse. This material must pass through the hanging drying tower to preheat and heat the combustion chamber, and then take it to a rotation furnace at 1450~1500 oC to heat at high temperatures until semi-melted, and then put into cooled cooling, the product obtained is Clinker. This product is shipped to the clinker silo warehouse. Conveyors transport raw materials to take advantage of preservation, installed at the scene, building safety switches to ensure the safety of the employee protection system. Cement shipments are divided into two types – detachable and packed goods
  • SA Electrolyt voltage sensor
  • SE Rotating Wing Sensor
  • SC Vibration Control Sensor
  • SC level alarm switch
  • EE Continuous Level Sensor
  • RF EB5 Capacity Sensor
  • GP/GK Resistance
  • ED Speed Sensor
  • SRS Safety Switch
  • SRT Conveyor Switch
Dust Collecting Equipment Gravel and slag furnace tanks
Cement during transportation can lead to dust emissions, dust collection equipment used by air pumping creates a reverse pressure that will vacuum After firing, gravel is created and stored as building material. In storage, level sensors, switches and other products are used in management and automation systems
  • Van màng BRD/BDV Series Diaphragm Valve
  • Bộ điều khiển hệ thống thu bụi AE Series Controller for Dust Collector System
  • Búa khí BA Series Air Hammer
  • Vibration Hammer BV Series Pneumatic Vibrator
  • CAPACITANCE Level Switch Capacitance Sensor
  • SE Rotary Paddle Level Switch Wing Sensor
  • Công tắc điện dung SA Capacitance Level Switch
  • Công tắc cánh xoay SE Rotary Paddle Level Switch
  • SC Tuning Fork Level Switch Vibration Sensor
  • SC Vibrating Probe Level Switch
  • EE Electromechanical Measuring System Continuous Solid Level Sensor
  • EB RF-Capacitance Level Transmitter Continuous Level Transmitter

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