Dynamic Ocean 05, 06, 08

Dynamic Ocean #Series 05.06.08

Project information:

  • Ship name : Dynamic Ocean 05 , Dynamic Ocean 06 and Dynamic Ocean 08
  • Ship type: Tanker (gasoline)
  • Ton: 5000DWT
  • Ship owner: Hoang Hung VTB Joint Stock Company
  • Design: Viet Han Ship Design and Technical Services Joint Stock Company
  • Finished factory: Ocean – Pacific Shipbuilding Plant

Offered categories:

  • Oil and Water interface detector with airtight valve (MMC oil gauge)
  • Pressure alarm system for cargo pumps and pump pumps
  • Portable safe washing equipment
  • Rapid Breathing Valve (High Speed Breathing Valve)
  • Handheld Gas detector (HC, O2, CO and H2S)

External information:

In addition to providing products above Tes Industry also provide safety standard products in accordance with the general regulations of the world:

  • Liquid level measuring device in cargo hold
  • ODME – Oil discharge Measuring and Monitoring Equipment
  • Pump Temperature Measuring Equipment
  • Push-out pressure gauge for pumps
  • Combustion gas content measuring equipment for pump room
  • Cargo hold Pressure Measuring Equipment
  • Portable safe washing equipment
  • Multi-target gas concentration detector: LEL, O2, CO, H2S
  • Oil and water measuring equipment with airtight valve

by TES Industry

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