Tàu chở dầu HAI HA 618

Hai Ha 618 Oil tanker project

Project information:

  • Ship name: HAI HA 618
  • Ship Type: Tanker
  • Ton: 4,000DWT
  • Ship owner: Hai Ha Water Transport Co., Ltd.
  • Design: Nam Khanh WaterCraft Design & Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Finished factory: Hai Phong Trading and Construction Mechanical Joint Stock Company

Offered categories:

  • ODME – Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control System
  • Continuous level measuring system for Cargo hold
  • Cargo hold Temperature Measurement System
  • Oil gauge (water oil level measuring device)
  • Airtight valve
  • Airtight sampling ruler
  • The handheld gas detector measures 4 indicators.
  • High Speed Breathing Valve

Conducted by TES Industry

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