MT Blue Ocean 01, 02

BLUE OCEAN #Series Oil/Chemical tanker Project

Project information:

  • Ship name: Blue Ocean 01;  Blue Ocean 02
  • Ship type: Tanker/chemical
  • Ton: 6400M2
  • Ship owner: Thang Long Blue Ocean Transport Co., Ltd.
  • Design: Viet Han Ship Design and Technical Services Joint Stock Company
  • Finished factory: Khien Ha Shipyard

Categories offered for Blue Ocean 01, 02:

  • High level and Overfill alarm system (9598%)
  • Oil and Water interface detector with airtight valve (MMC oil gauge)
  • ODME – Oil discharge monitoring and Control System
  • Pump temperature alarm system, and cross-wall shaft cluster
  • Pressure alarm system for cargo pumps and pump pumps
  • Gas Alarm System Hydrocarbon Chamber Pump
  • Cargo hold pressure alarm system
  • Portable safe washing equipment
  • Rapid Breathing Valve (High Speed Breathing Valve)
  • Handheld Gas detector (HC, O2, CO and H2S)
  • Water-guided explosion-proof fan

by TES Industry

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