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Handover of Cargo hold pressure alarm system for Oil Tanker

Cargo hold pressure alarm system of Series Level Monitoring System manufactured by Rongde. Other systems in this same Series include:

  • Warning system level 95, 98% basement (High and overfill level alarm system)
  • Continuous level measurement system for cargo hold
  • Ship-to-ship level measurement and monitoring system
  • Cargo pump output pressure alarm system
  • Cargo pump temperature monitoring system

The cargo hold pressure monitoring system has the function of monitoring the pressure in the cargo hold in real time, warning of low or high pressure according to the optional setting level. System configuration includes:

  • Pressure sensor: Explosion-proof sensor, installed on the cargo hold
  • Control cabinet: Show pressure and alarm
  • Cup wing equipment: Ensuring fire safety

This system can be integrated into the 95/98% sensor.

Block diagram of the tunnel pressure alarm system
Block diagram of the cargo tank pressure alarm system

See more product information “Cargo hold pressure indicators and alarms”

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