Máy đo đơn khí GasAlert Extreme cùng phụ kiện

GasAlert Extreme single-gas detector, optional: H2S; NO; CO; HCN; O2; Cl2; SO2; ClO2; PH3; O3; NH3; ETO; NO2

GasAlert Extreme single-gas detector, gas measurement option: H2S; NO; CO; HCN; O2; Cl2; SO2; ClO2; PH3; O3; NH3; ETO; NO2

  • With simple on/off and gas measurements, this single-target gas detector has a battery life and sensors lasting up to 2 years, and users can replace themselves without sending it back to the manufacturer. Removing calibration is simple and fully automatic when using a MicroDock II or semi-automatic device when using a standard gas tank and hand valve. The machine gives many internal settings, language preferences as well as automatic datalogging. GasAlert Extreme is an effective solution for many different applications.

Outstanding features include:

  • Ability to set password protection
  • Continuous display of real-time gas concentrations
  • Compact, compact, light, without entanglement when worn on people
  • Waterproof

Packing box GasAlert Extreme single air meter includes:

  • Main machine with sensors and built-in battery
  • Calibration caps and hoses for connecting gas bottles when testing and calibration
  • User manuals and accompanying documentation
  • Manufacturer Calibration Certification

Recommended by TES Industry

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