Magnetic Float Level Switch Fine-tek FCEFM6F440350A for Chemical


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The single unit or multiple reed switch units are housed tightly in stainless steel or engineering plastic stem, and the permanent magnet is sealed into the middle of the specified float ball(s). You can mount the float ball to penetrating through the stem, then the liquid buoyancy will deliver the float ball up and down at the specified position by graduating rings.

When the float internal magnet approaches the reed switch, it will actuate the reed switch contact point to create an open or close circuit. We can apply such on-off output signals to reach liquid level controlling and monitoring purpose. The figures below show the float orientations on N.O. (Normal Open) and N.C. (Normal Close).


Shipbuilding Industry, Generator Facilities, Petrochemical Industry, Food/Beverage Industry, Waste Water/Water Purified Facilities, Electronic Industry, Dyeing and Finishing Industry, Chemical Industry, Rubber/ Plastic Industry, Hydraulic.


  • Model: FCEFM6F440350A
  • E type housing, IP65
  • Connection: 2” X 5K flange, PVDF material (it’s the smallest dimension of flange for PVDF material)
  • Stem: 16mm PVDF material
  • Float: F4 float, 48*62mm, S.G: 0.8, 4 units
  • Total length: 350mm
  • L1: 100 mm
  • L2: 150 mm
  • L3: 200 mm
  • L4: 300mm

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